Open Heart Healing

How Does It Relieve Pain and Stress?

Using  gentle touch, called "compressions" and "decompressions", restrictions are released and an improved flow of energy flows to your nervous system once again.

Craniosacral Therapy at Open Heart Healing in Point Lookout

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle and relaxing hands on healing form that is centered around (but not limited to) performing manipulations on the bones of the head or "cranium" and lower spine, or "sacrum."  CST helps resolve pain and heal dysfunction in the body. Delicate manipulations of these bones and their fascial interconnections release pain, tightness, and the residual effects of trauma throughout the body. Dialogue can be incorporated into sessions, and in this way, CST has been called "psychotherapy for the body."

This non-invasive treatment directly influences the brain and spinal cord to relieve areas of trauma.  It is often used to facilitate healing from various traumatic events including car accidents and injuries resulting from falls.  Diagnoses such as frequent ear infections and TMJ are most receptive to CST. In many cases this healing process eliminates the need for pain medication.