Testimonial:  "...my cholesterol has dropped to 191, my LDL is 110, and my A1c has dropped to 5.8 !  My doctor says she has never seen such a dramatic drop and she believes if I drop a little more weight I could completely kick my diabetes,  Thanks to you I'm on my way to normal and average!"       Ruth, Nassau County

Our diet plays a large role in cancer treatment and prevention. Luckily,

eating to prevent cancer when you have a strong family history, or

adopting a new diet to prevent recurrence can be easy.

High Blood Pressure
If you seek to avoid medications for high blood pressure, Sasha will educate you on a way of eating

that has been proven to lower blood pressure equal to the effect of prescription drugs. It has just been named

"Best Diet of the Year", and will take just one hour to understand.

Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes
If you are trying to restore normal blood glucose levels, Sasha can teach you the principles of eating to promote

healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day.  She can clarify which herbs and supplements have the science behind them

to truly have a beneficial effect on your blood sugar or cholesterol levels.

A simple style of eating exists that allows you to enjoy food once again.
Counting calories or carbohydrates is not for everyone; if you would like to make a fresh start, Open Heart Healing is the place for you.

Free glucometers are provided, along with an in-office test to give you the confidence to check at home.  Optimal times of day for testing are made clear, and a logbook is set up for you at the time of your appointment.  Remember, "deniabetes" is not a cure."

Changing long time poor behavior when it comes to food choices and physical activity is rarely achieved by simply handing a person a meal plan.  A Registered Dietitian since 1998, Sasha Todaro will assess your current food choices and behavior and be your personal Coach & Educator.  She is experienced working with individuals with depression, and can help guide you to food and lifestyle choices that can promote optimal mood and sleep.

Disease Education

Learning that you have cancer, heart disease,

high blood pressure, diabetes, a digestive disease or food allergy

(just to name a few health challenges) can be overwhelming. 

A holistic health professional, Sasha will take the time to listen to your concerns and provide education when necessary. You will be empowered to take actions

to restore your health.

Open Heart Healing