Fad diets don't change your overall eating habits.

*  If emotional eating has becoming your "tried and true method"
    of dealing with emotions that make you uncomfortable

*  Your current support group for weight loss isn't yielding the results you want

*  You are ready to have a new relationship with food

*  You would like to eat a whole-foods, plant-based (cruelty-free!) diet daily.

*  You suspect you may have a food intolerance


"...Thanks to you, my attitude towards food is more mindful and appreciative." Anita B., NYC.

"...You are so much more than a Nutritionist - you're like a Holistic Doctor."  Sherrie B., Lynbrook

"...you identify my individual needs and provide a hands-on approach to help me

with mindful eating, meditation and an overall positive, healthy lifestyle...- you are really a Life Coach!"   Lori B., Long Beach

Starting from where you are, you will learn that there is a simple way
to eat that can promote health, joy, peace  (and a healthier body weight too).

Private Nutrition Consultations at Open Heart Healing. . .

Begin with an assessment of your goals and motivation, and include a thorough history of your food preferences, intolerances and style of eating.

Focus not only on healthy foods (the "what") but also on bringing awareness (the "how") to eating.

May include walking, meditation, tea and Reiki. 

Take place in a serene environment.

Are never rushed - Please allow one hour and fifteen minutes for your initial consultation.

Mindful Eating, or eating with awareness of our hunger level and emotional state, is a cornerstone of having a healthy relationship with food.

How is Open Heart Healing different from Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or another fad diet book?
There are no points to count and no processed foods to buy.
                  You spend time practicing being present with your emotions.
                         You learn coping skills that promote health and well-being.
                    You learn how to make peace with food once again.

                      and maybe, even discover the joy of cooking!

Nutritional Counseling

Eating to Promote Optimal Health

If you have tried numerous fad diets,

have lost and gained weight many times, 

and are confused and frustrated,

allow me to teach you coping skills

that will last a lifetime,

and result in permanent weight loss.

Open Heart Healing