Open Heart Healing

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Energize and revitalize an older pet and help alleviate lethargy and depression.

Reiki is an adjunct (not a replacement) to other forms of therapy and medication.

Reiki sessions for pets are shorter than human sessions. They may sit for a few minutes to half an hour. Depending on the issue, one to four sessions may be recommended. Some pet owners like to give their pets Reiki for health promotion and relaxation.

As with people, there is no need to wait for crisis or surgery to give the gentle healing gift of Reiki.

"...Rudy went up the stairs for the first time in 2 weeks." Jenna D., Point Lookout

* Please note that pets cannot be seen inside the office at 33 Lido Boulevard. *

Reiki for Pets

Reiki House calls are available for pets at very reasonable rates.

Pets can also be seen at the office outside in pleasant weather.

Reasons to give an animal Reiki include the following:

Provide relief from arthritis pain, hip problems and other debilitating conditions.

Accelerate the healing of post surgical trauma, wounds, breaks and sprains.